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Want to help the planet and win prizes? Send us your sustainability pledges by 5pm, Sunday 28th August to be entered into our prize draw! 

Prizes include slow cookers, cycling accessories, LED lightbulbs and low carbon cookbooks.  

How to enter

Use our One Planet Living Action Plan to make sustainability pledges, decide on practical actions that work for you and the tools/support you’ll need to achieve them. Email your plan to [email protected] and include your preferred prize (should your name be drawn) and your UK postcode in the body of the email.

Please note, you do not need to complete the Success and Notes sections before sending us your plan. You can fill in your plan digitally or send us a scanned copy. You must have a UK postcode to be entered into this prize draw.

What do we mean by One Planet Living?

The One Planet Living framework is a set of simple principles which make it easier to live happily and more sustainably, created by social enterprise Bioregional.  

Principles range from improving our own health and happiness, to cutting down on waste and carbon energy. We’ve recently created a whole library of resources explaining each of the 10 principles.  

What is an action plan and how do I fill one out?

Deciding that you’d like to live more sustainably is a really positive step, but it can feel overwhelming.

An action plan helps us to focus on areas of sustainability that feel manageable to us, decide on practical steps and support, and to reflect on our experiences.

We can make an individual plan, create a plan as part of our workplace or organisation, or even as part of a community.  

Start by looking through the different principles and decide on which areas you’d like to focus on. Maybe you’d like to eat more sustainably? So, the principle you’re exploring is Local and Sustainable Food. To achieve this, you might pledge to eat X number of plant-based meals a week – this is your Action.  

It may be that to support you with your goal, you need to look up some new plant-based recipes on the internet or in books, so this would go under Tools/Support.  

Each action plan gives you space to focus on three different principles. You can use our prompts to help you decide on your actions, or think of something completely new. Just remember that you can’t do everything at once, and you don’t need to! 

After some time has passed, use the Success and Notes section to reflect on what went well or whether you need to adjust your goal. Reflection can help us sort through our experiences and aid with progress. You do not need to complete this section in order to enter our prize draw, as you’ll want to leave enough time to see the difference your plan has made. 

More information

If you have any questions about filling in a One Planet Living Action Plan or how to enter our give away draw, please contact [email protected].  

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