Make The Commute Count

The working week can be very busy and stressful but choosing to get your bike out for the commute is a great decision! Cycling to work could lift your spirits and clear your mind ready for the day ahead. It’s a great way to keep fit and healthy, it’s better for the environment and is often quicker.

Check out the Cycle Schemes calorie & carbon calculator to see how cycling to work could benefit your health and the environment.

Commute Smart

For some extra help following our tips to get confident commuting by bike we recommend watching the ‘Commute Smart’ videos from British Cycling, covering all aspects of commuting by bike for experienced commuters and people who are new to cycling, thinking about riding into work for the first time.

Be Confident Riding On The Road

‘How to position yourself on the road’ is a ‘commute smart’ video from British Cycling which we find is very useful for new riders. Watch this video to learn about different road positions and when is best to use them.


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