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Equity and Local Economy

Our spending power is one of the most powerful tools we possess to support local prosperity and international fair trade. The New Economics Foundation found that when people consumed locally rather than from large chain stores, twice the money remained in the community.

How to make a change in your community

  • Support affordable housing in your area, build support for affordable housing within your local community. Provide advice and support for people at risk of homelessness.
  • Provide support for households most in need in your area through direct financial support, advice, collaboration with local charities.
  • Encourage shopping at local businesses whenever you can. Support sustainable and equitable businesses.   
  • Create new town centre events, for businesses and the community to come together. Organise craft fairs for local makers and sustainable businesses, or hold regular events such as a farmers market. Get involved with nationwide celebrations, like Great Big Green Week, as an opportunity to support community cohesion.
  • Work with local business associations and similar groups to facilitate change, and help to create ‘guidelines’ for sustainable business in your area.
  • Boycott businesses which are known to have unethical businesses practices, to push them to change, or use petitions within your local community to voice concerns.
  • Host skill swapping events, to make learning more widely accessible and affordable. Examples of workshops could include gardening, woodworking, cooking, or DIY.
  • Inclusion is central to a sustainable society, based on respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms. Ensure that inclusion and accessibility is central to your community.

Example Actions

  • Host a sustainable craft fair in your local community
  • Identify the households or areas in most need, and find out what support they need
  • Create a local sustainable business network for sharing best practice and support

Useful Links

UK Craft Fairs have guidelines on running a craft fair, as well as advice on sustainable business models.

Great Big Green Week run an annual nationwide celebration of sustainability.

Suggested Tools

Bioregional offer Sustainability Consulting for Local Authorities.

Net Zero Navigator tool for identifying and building plans to reach net-zero in UK local authority areas. 

Join the Climate Emergency Network on Knowledge Hub, for sharing information between local authorities 

Local Government Association – Climate change hub, includes tools such as Greenhouse Gas Accounting tool for identifying baselines.

Support local businesses to pledge to reducing their environmental impact with the West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge 

Ashden Sustainability plan Toolkit for Councils: 


The National Audit Office Report into Local Government and Net Zero identified £1.2 billion in specific grant funding available in 2020-2021 for local authorities to act on climate change, and notes this is a sixteen-fold increase on the previous year.

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