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Culture and Community

Building a sustainable future is also about nurturing the local community, with strong local identity and heritage, and a commitment to sustainability, where people are supported as part of a wider network. As a small organisation, there are many ways to empower your local community.

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How to make a change

  • Ensure adequate access to your site for people with disabilities, as well as places you put on events 
  • Offer your office space for community events
  • Host or attend community events 
  • Host a ‘Skill Share’ evening or event, either for employees or the wider community, or invite members of a local charity in to discuss their work 
  • Offer work experience positions, internships, or volunteering opportunities to people from the local community
  • Engage with clients on positive and negative environmental and social impacts of consumption and the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle
  • Sustainability Reporting: carry out open and honest evaluations of your performance, avoiding ‘Greenwashing’
  • Pushing our leaders to act is essential to combatting the climate crisis. Write to your local councillors or MP about issues important to you such a climate change, or high levels of litter in the area.
  • Participate in local decision-making processes – respond to planning proposals, raise concerns with councillors and vote for local representatives
  • Include One Planet Living and sustainability in the induction programme for all new staff
  • Try a staff volunteering session, to help out in the local community – many local charities offer corporate volunteering experiences.

Example Actions

  • Speak to clients about the One Planet Living framework
  • Complete a corporate volunteering day
  • Offer (x) high school students a work experience placement
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Useful Links

Bee Mindful is a project by Allen’s Cross Community Garden, which runs educational sessions for community groups to learn about pollination, its importance, and how to protect our pollinators. The project takes care of two beehives.

Ditch the Desk is ecobirmingham’s corporate volunteering day to get your team involved with the work we do as a charity, such as helping at one of our community gardens.

Birmingham Voluntary Service Council support volunteers and voluntary organisations in the area. Do It is a national website for searching for volunteering opportunities in your area.

Glean for Brum is an organisation that organises volunteering days to harvest surplus food from farms in and around Birmingham and get it to those in need.

Youth Employment UK have guides on how to become a youth-friendly employer, including offering work experience.

Download an Action Plan so you can set your own goals!

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