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Land and Nature

The UK is home to a rich and diverse variety of wildlife, even in urban Birmingham there’s much we can do to support our treasured species. Since 1970, 41% of all UK species studied have declined, and as many as 26% of our mammals are at real risk of extinction. In order to preserve our unique land and nature we must protect and restore land and marine systems, benefitting both wildlife and the people that can then enjoy them.

How to make a change


  • If you have any office garden space, make sure that most of your garden features native plants, to best support local wildlife.
  • If you have the space, plant a tree to capture carbon – if you don’t have a look at the Wildlife Trust’s ‘Sponsor a Tree’ programme. If not, plant a ‘mini-meadow’ in a pot to support insects.
  • Practice wildlife friendly gardening: do not use pesticides, which are harmful to human health as well as insect and bee populations. Limit fertilisers to organic varieties, which will be better for the soil and safer for nearby water sources.
  • Get involved with a local litter pick or organise your own through Birmingham City Council (who provide the equipment needed).
  • Volunteer for a day with a community gardening project.


  • Ensure that you are using environmentally friendly products: for example, avoid cleaners labelled as ‘harmful to aquatic life,’ opting for eco-friendly versions instead.
  • Use only sustainable timber and recycled paper goods.
  • Switch your main search engine to Ecosia – for roughly every 45 searches, Ecosia plant 1 tree.
  • Take part in nature counts such as the RSPB Big Bird Watch in your local area, to contribute to scientific data.
  • Petition against the use of pesticides in our public spaces, which are sprayed in parks, playgrounds, schools, cemeteries and on road verges, having devastating effects on wildlife. Get involved with Pesticide Action Network UK.

Example Actions

  • Plant a wildflower patch in your office garden
  • Try a corporate volunteering day with a local community garden
  • Switch office search engine to Ecosia

Useful Links

Bee Mindful is a project by Allen’s Cross Community Garden, which runs educational sessions for community groups to learn about pollination, its importance, and how to protect our pollinators. The project takes care of two beehives.

Ditch the Desk is ecobirmingham’s corporate volunteering day to get your team involved with the work we do as a charity, such as helping at one of our community gardens.

Ecosia is a search engine which uses their revenue to plant trees alongside local organisations in 30+ countries.

The NHS Forest is a tree planting scheme aiming to plant one tree for every member of the NHS Staff, through which you can ‘Sponsor a Tree’. 

Birmingham City Council offer guides and equipment for group litter picking.

Get your team involved with scientific ressearch, like the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch.

Download an Action Plan so you can set your own goals!

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