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Travel and Transport

Commuting to work is a major stress on our transport systems, especially with so many of us relying on private car use to get there. This causes a multitude of environmental problems, including congestion and air pollution, devastating for both the environment and public health. 

Ways to make change

  • Minimise the number of journeys made by car; this will help reduce the negative impacts of car travel on air quality, road safety and social interactions in our local neighbourhoods. Replace car journeys with active travel, such as walking or cycling.
  • Promote conscious travel: walk, cycle, taxi, and public transport where possible.
  • Implement an official Cycle to Work scheme.
  • Create a workplace pool of bicycles for staff / volunteer use.
  • Investigate opportunities for carpooling among staff and volunteer base, especially when travelling to events.
  • Reduce face to face meetings where possible. Let clients know in their contract that your organisation is working to reduce travel and therefore will use more video conferencing (helps the ripple effect!).
  • Avoid air travel.
  • Have your say: Birmingham is in the middle of an active travel transport initiative, building upon emergency measures introduced during lockdowns to create more space for walking, cycling and active transport in the city. Get involved through the council website to have your suggestions heard.
  • Introduce a parking levy, using the money to donate to an environmental charity at the end of the year, or to invest in supporting active travel for staff e.g., bicycles and safety equipment

Example Actions

  • Organise lift sharing between employees for your next work event
  • Host a staff bike ride to get everyone confident with cycling
  • Have an official ‘car free day’ as an organisation, where people walk, cycle or use public transport for their journey

Useful Links

ecobirmingham offer plenty of cycling tuition including route-finding sessions, bike ability, and bike maintenance. There is a well-established cycling community to get involved with and help you feel more confident cycling in the city. Have a look at the cycling group page on our website:

Cycle to Work scheme from

Get involved with ecobirmingham’s commuter led rides, or pop-up cycling events with ‘Brum by Bike,’ or find our Heritage cycling routes on the website, to explore Birmingham via bike.

LiftShare is an app for finding or offering lifts to people making the same or similar journeys as yourself.

Download an Action Plan so you can set your own goals!

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