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Culture and Community

Building a sustainable future is also about nurturing our community. This could be through strong local identity and heritage, and a culture of sustainability, where people are supported and empowered as part of a wider network.

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How to make a change

  • ‘Be a tourist in your own area.’ Visit local heritage sites and attractions. There are plenty of free activities in Birmingham including museums and art galleries, gardens, and parks.
  • Join a local group, or volunteer.
  • Promote sustainable living to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, by recommending resources, books, documentaries, and sharing tips. Having open and honest conversations about the changes we ourselves are making, but without ‘prescribing’ those changes to others can help motivate others to make positive change too.
  • Pushing our leaders to act is essential to combatting the climate crisis. Write to your local councillors or MP about issues important to you such a climate change, or high levels of litter in the area. If a business you like is operating unsustainably, contact them over social media to ask them to change.
  • Participate in local decision-making processes – respond to planning proposals, raise concerns with councillors and vote for local representatives

Example Actions

  • Visit (x) new places in the local area a week
  • Watch a documentary on sustainability and recommend it to a friend if you enjoyed it or found it informative
  • Try a volunteering session
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Useful Links

ecobirmingam offer led bike rides or can put you in touch with a local cycling group. Volunteer at one of our partner community garden projects or ask for help finding one in your local area. Access our Secret Birmingham cycle-friendly heritage routes across Birmingham, created in collaboration with c&t theatre. Have a look at our current projects here:

For volunteering opportunities with ecobirmingham have a look at our Get Involved section for current vacancies:

The Active Wellbeing Society (TAWS) is a community benefit society and cooperative working to build healthy, happy communities living active and connected lives. They work in communities to tackle inequality and promote community development, with have a full roster of events to get involved with.

Birmingham Voluntary Service Council support volunteers and voluntary organisations in the area.

Do It is a national website for searching for volunteering opportunities in your area.

The RHS website has a ‘find a local group’ search tool for local gardening groups which can be contacted via the website.

The Visit Birmingham website has a full calendar of events and attractions in the coming months for Birmingham.

EventBrite often has plenty of free events on in the area.

Download an Action Plan so you can set your own goals!

The One Planet Living ® framework is created by Bioregional – find out more at:

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