Adult Cycling Tuition – Level 3

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Location: Northfield Ecocentre, 53 Church Road, B31 2LB

National Standards Cycling Tuition:

Level 3 – This session aims to develop riders’ skills and confidence so they can ride in diverse road environments, including complex, often busy roads and junctions, sometimes with speed limits above 30 mph. 


This class will be made up of a small group of up to 3 trainees to 1 instructor. 

Participants must have successfully completed Bikeability Level 2 before taking part in Bikeability Level 3.  You can book onto a Level 2 course HERE. 


At Level 3 you will learn how to safely:   

  • Plan a journey 
  • Plan to and ride assertively everywhere cycling is permitted 
  • Maintain suitable riding positions 
  • Cooperate with and respect other road users (including avoiding driver blind spots and riding with others) 
  • Pass queuing traffic and use junctions controlled by traffic lights (if present) 
  • Use cycle infrastructure and multi lane roads (if present) 
  • Ride on roads with speeds above 30 mph (if present) 

People learn differently, and some take longer than others however, generally this session will last roughly 3 hours. 

If possible please bring your own bike and helmet, however, if needed please let us know when booking so we can arrange for you to borrow one. Please arrive 10 minutes before the session to pick these up.

Please also bring water for drinking, snacks if required and wear suitable clothing/footwear.

If you have them, bring some gloves. They help you to grip the handlebars better as well as keeping the hands warm. In hot weather please ensure you bring water and sun cream.

This class is for adults (*12yrs+) who want to  improve their confidence and bike handling skills. 

*Children must be accompanied by an adult


Inspiring positive action towards using active travel for everyday journeys


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