Brum Bike Bingo!

It’s a new year! The perfect time to make a fresh start and think about making changes. Choosing cycling is a great way to get fitter. It’s a fun way to get around, commute, explore new places as well as being better for the environment 


ecobirmingham challenge you to travel by bike more often this year!  
It’s important to stay active for our physical and mental health. From 6 January to 20 February, we challenge you to get out on your bike as much as possible – even if that’s a ride to the local park or shop, we know it will be worth it!  
To keep you motivated we’ve got a game of BRUM BIKE BINGO and some great prizes to giveaway. 
For more information on how to get involved and download the Brum Bike Bingo card click HERE!

We are bringing you this challenge in partnership with Heart Research UK & Subway. Being more active can have a huge impact on your health and is key to reduce your risk of coronary heart disease. Cycling is such a simple yet powerful antidote and bike bingo allows you to stay active while having fun!
You can find some great tips on getting more active HERE.

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Stay Active - Discover #BrumByBike

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