Fun For All The Family

We always recommend planning your route, although it may not always be possible it will be more enjoyable if you can avoid busy roads and use greenways or cycle paths.

Why not take a look at our ‘Secret Birmingham Heritage Cycle Routes’ enjoy a self guided tour of heritage sites across Birmingham using bike friendly routes including quieter roads and some of the city’s most beautiful and interesting green spaces.

After a bit of practise you could even think about incorporating a bit of this fun into the school run. Start slowly by choosing to cycle one or two days a week.

Birmingham by Bike or Foot Routes Cycling To School

Cycling On The Road

It is a good idea to take part in some cycling tuition to help you feel more confident cycling on the road as a family. Some children will get the opportunity to do this at school, ecobirmingham offer cycling tuition for adults and children 12yrs and over. Book a session HERE.

You can also find cycling tuition for the whole family with The Active Wellbeing Society and some community cycling groups.

Cycling Ireland have created a fantastic set of videos about cycling on the road with a child. Learn the basics by watching the video below.


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