Nature all year round

It’s now well documented that we all feel better when exploring our green spaces. The natural light, the cool, fresh air, the sensorial experiences… all help to make us more relaxed and able to deal with life’s challenges.

And with the sun shining above us, it’s easy to get convinced to spend our Sunday mornings at the local park… What about when it’s grey outside and, what we usually refer to “miserable weather”? Wrap up in a blanket with a good book anyone?! Nothing wrong with that, however if we want to reverse the trend of our children struggling with mental health issues, obesity, and encourage them to look at nature with new eyes, value all wildlife and take action to protect it, it is time we change our own attitude towards the natural world.

Let’s embrace nature in all weathers and seasons!

Children need the life-giving, stress-relieving, kin-making, awe-inducing, wonder-sparking experiences of the natural world“- We couldn’t agree more with Guardian writers Lucy Jones and Kenneth Greenway and these experiences will be different and enriching throughout the year.

ecobirmingham are working with children and their families to provide those nature connections some children have been missing during the various lockdowns and restrictions. At our activities, children are immersed totally in their environment, playing plenty of games, helping cook their lunch on the campfire, using tools safely to craft with natural materials and enjoying storytelling sessions.

We received fantastic parents’ and children’s feedbacks to our ten days Wild Holiday Bunch, outdoor summer activities, and you can view the brilliant short video (above) that was made with the children.

We will continue working with nurseries, delivering weekly forest play sessions, and providing more nature connecting opportunities during school holidays throughout the year, with or without parents, rain or shine!

Check our forthcoming dates for this Autumn here.

Film and photos by Phoebe Mansfield.

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